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  • Some Details About The Shielded Cable

    Why you need to use the shielded cable?The shielded cable can protects the signal from external interference. As we know, Cables can be a main source of transfer for EMI, both as a source and receiver

  • Why We Need To Know Your Pinouts For The Cables Sometimes?

    For producing multiple pins cables, such as 15 pins to 8 BNC cable, Scart to Rca Cable etc, it is very important to know what the pinouts is.Pinouts is the way connecting the contacts on each end of t

  • The Limitation Of The Cables In CCTV System

    The cables play a big role in the CCTV System, there are video cables, power cables and some other cable runs in the CCTV system. To make sure the whole system work well, you need to know the limitati

  • Holiday Notification-2012 International Worker’s Day

    According to China's Law, our workers will have a short holiday for celebrating the International Worker's Day.Our holiday schedule is as blow:Factory: From 2012/04/30 to 2012/05/01Office: Fro

  • Plug Play CCTV Camra Cable Vs. Bulk CCTV Siamese Cable

    Cabling is the work cost most of the time when you do the CCTV System installation. fortunately, we can have some cables that can save some time and cost for us today. They are Plug Play CCTV Camera C

  • The Most Regular Audio Video Connectors

    TRSA TRS connector, is an initialism derived from the names of three conducting parts of the plug: Tip, Ring, and Sleeve[1] – hence, TRS.(tip, ring, sleeve) is a common family of connector typically u

  • Get The Right Power Cable For Your CCTV Security System

    The majority of CCTV cameras today operate on either 24V AC or 12V Direct Current (DC) power. Here is the chart to show you how to choose the right DC Power cable for your CCTV Security system.24 Volt

  • CCTV System Cabling Guide

    1. Connect Cable to CameraConnect the power lead coming from the camera to the RED power jack on cable.Connect the BNC connector to the BNC input from the cable.Connect this male BNC to Yellow Video P

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