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  • Plug Play CCTV Camra Cable Vs. Bulk CCTV Siamese Cable

    Cabling is the work cost most of the time when you do the CCTV System installation. fortunately, we can have some cables that can save some time and cost for us today. They are Plug Play CCTV Camera C

  • Notice: Website Upgrade

    Shenzhen Flourish Technology Co., Ltd are proud to announce new website upgrade.The new site adds Related Products on the pages and some other new features, too. It is more concise and fluent, securit

  • The Most Regular Audio Video Connectors

    TRSA TRS connector, is an initialism derived from the names of three conducting parts of the plug: Tip, Ring, and Sleeve[1] – hence, TRS.(tip, ring, sleeve) is a common family of connector typically u

  • Holiday Notification-China’s National Day

    We will have a short break during China's National Day.Our holiday is from 2011/10/01 to 2011/10/07, any inquiry, please leave a message to us by Email, we will reply you when we are back to offic

  • Get The Right Power Cable For Your CCTV Security System

    The majority of CCTV cameras today operate on either 24V AC or 12V Direct Current (DC) power. Here is the chart to show you how to choose the right DC Power cable for your CCTV Security system.24 Volt

  • CCTV System Cabling Guide

    1. Connect Cable to CameraConnect the power lead coming from the camera to the RED power jack on cable.Connect the BNC connector to the BNC input from the cable.Connect this male BNC to Yellow Video P

  • How To Connect A DVR To A TV Or LCD Monitor

    Many people purchase surveillance systems for their homes, apartments and condos. The installation is fairly easy, but you should still take a little time to plan where you will be installing the secu

  • Easily DIY Your CCTV Security System With The Plug & Play Cable

    Plug & Play CCTV security camera cables are a great choice for home or business security camera installations. These pre-made cctv cables come in various lengths, and have all of the video and pow

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