Shenzhen Flourish Electronic Technology Co.LTD

About Us

Shenzhen Flourish  Electronic Technology Co.LTD (Shenzhen Dingsheng Electronic Co.,Ltd) specializes in manufacturing cables and connectors for CCTV application. We manufacture and market custom as well as standard cable assemblies, servicing OEM and reseller customers in the CCTV surveillance and Audio Video equipments industries etc. We accept contract manufacturing for small, medium, and large quantities.

Our product lines includes CCTV Plug Play Cable, Security camera cable, RG58 Coaxial Cable, RG59 Coaxial, RG174 Coaxial cable, Power Cord, Waterproof DC power cord,DC power splitter, RCA cable, SCART Cable, VGA and SVGA video Cable, 15 Pins Cables, 25 Pins Cables, 2.5mm Stereo Cable, 3.5mm Stereo Cable, DIN Cable,Cat6, Cat5e,BNC Connectors, TV socket, RCA Chassis Mount Sockets and various other adapters and cables.

Shenzhen Flourish Technology Co.,Ltd begins the business at 2006, as a professional manufacturer of cables and connectors for CCTV application, cooperating with many CCTV manufacturers and growing with CCTV industry in China. As the energy conservation has become the inevitable trend, we have some clients from LED lighting industry,too.

With over 5 years of experience of working with the customers all around the world, we have developed a tradition of high-tech engineering, quality manufacturing, and very competitive pricing. We process very strict quality control, which make sure we can keep the defective rate at a very low level. Through experience we have learned that working with the clients from EU and USA, help ensure that we will have no returns and allow us to sell premium quality cables.

Since we can design and made the mold by ourselves, and our sales team with many years experience working with the clients worldwide, we can provide the whole solution to the client’s needs, such as injection molding your logo onto the cables, retail packaging with your design, custom colors and lengths, drop shipments etc.

We are dedicated to providing the best products at the most competitive price to our clients, and long-term relationship is what we expect. We would love to have the chance to lower your cable costs, provide you with our uncompromising quality, and prove that our service is unmatched in this industry.    

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